9 Ways to Love Your Online Small Group

computerWith the COVID-19 pandemic underway, many of us are now finding ourselves members of online small groups. We used to gather in someone’s living room or a church hall but now we’re supposed to meet in an online “space” using new technology and apps. How is this supposed to work? Will it be good for Christian growth and community or will it be just too different?

Those questions still lie ahead for many of us, but for now, a more urgent question is practical: “How can I love my online group?” Continue reading “9 Ways to Love Your Online Small Group”

Being Christian in a Digital World

The Next storyI first heard about The Next Story while listening to the author, Tim Challies, interviewed on a podcast.  Tim is a prolific and well established Christian blogger (challies.com) and after hearing the interview I was inspired to read his book about “faith, friends, family and the digital world”. It was perfect timing, since I was feeling more aware of the changes technology was bringing to our lives (and my life) and I wanted to think more about. Here are some highlights from the book and a few reasons for you to read it too. Continue reading “Being Christian in a Digital World”