Caring for Single People During COVID-19

man on sofa“Social distancing” will surely be a contender for the word / phrase of 2020. While for some of us, it might still have novelty value or provide us with a welcome excuse for more family time, for many single people in our church communities it is bad news indeed. There were already plenty of challenges around connecting with couples and families before the pandemic, but now there are legal and health-related reasons for people to be closing doors to each other. The coronavirus lockdown may be a hard time for some single people.

There’s a lot to say about being single at a time like this and as a married guy I won’t add too much.* However, I do want to give encouragement and ideas to married people as to how they might care for single people during a time of physical distancing. Continue reading “Caring for Single People During COVID-19”

The 25 Steps to Adultery

affairNo-one starts their marriage with the intention of having an affair; our wedding vows, after all, include the promise to “forsake all others and be faithful”. Yet some sort of infidelity occurs in approximately 20% of marriages.¹ Christians are not immune and most of us know, at least to some extent, the terrible impact adultery can have on families, church and ministries. One insight that can help prevent sexual unfaithfulness in marriage is that it rarely happens spontaneously; rather, it is often the result of many small steps. If we can recognise that we’re on the path to adultery, we can apply wisdom and get off before things go any further.

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