Caring for Single People During COVID-19

man on sofa“Social distancing” will surely be a contender for the word / phrase of 2020. While for some of us, it might still have novelty value or provide us with a welcome excuse for more family time, for many single people in our church communities it is bad news indeed. There were already plenty of challenges around connecting with couples and families before the pandemic, but now there are legal and health-related reasons for people to be closing doors to each other. The coronavirus lockdown may be a hard time for some single people.

There’s a lot to say about being single at a time like this and as a married guy I won’t add too much.* However, I do want to give encouragement and ideas to married people as to how they might care for single people during a time of physical distancing. Continue reading “Caring for Single People During COVID-19”

Schoolkids at Home. What do I do?

kids at homeSo your kids are at home.

As well as the general stress of the COVID-19 pandemic, now you suddenly you need manage schooling? How is that even possible?

Apart from a few ideas I really don’t know. So I’ve asked some experts: three homeschooling mums from our church. The question:  What tips can you give the rest of us for managing schooling at home? Continue reading “Schoolkids at Home. What do I do?”

9 Ways to Love Your Online Small Group

computerWith the COVID-19 pandemic underway, many of us are now finding ourselves members of online small groups. We used to gather in someone’s living room or a church hall but now we’re supposed to meet in an online “space” using new technology and apps. How is this supposed to work? Will it be good for Christian growth and community or will it be just too different?

Those questions still lie ahead for many of us, but for now, a more urgent question is practical: “How can I love my online group?” Continue reading “9 Ways to Love Your Online Small Group”

At Home. Got time.

windowAre you stuck at home because of the coronavirus? Quarantined, self-isolated, or socially distanced? Now that you’ve completed that series on Netflix / Disney + / Amazon Prime etc, you might be wondering how to fill the day. Thankfully, there’s plenty of great stuff you can do, even more so if you’re a follower of Jesus. This time could be, in some ways, a highlight of your year. So here’s a few principles and practical ideas. Continue reading “At Home. Got time.”

How to Read the Bible with your Wife

man woman bookMost Christian husbands I speak to like the idea of reading the Bible with their wife but feel guilty because it hasn’t happened much (or at all) in their marriage.  I totally get it. For many years I failed completely in this area. Reading the Bible with my wife was like one of the jobs on my domestic job list that seemed completely beyond me (rehang a cupboard door, put up shelves, replace a tap etc). This wasn’t anything to do with her mind you – I just couldn’t or wouldn’t do anything about it.

Eventually, thanks to some prompting from a friend, we managed to work out how to make it happen. And it’s been a really positive thing. Here’s some ideas that might help you get started. Continue reading “How to Read the Bible with your Wife”